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Coffs Helifest 2014

I again attended what probably might be Australia’s longest continuously running model helicopter fun fly. It’s an event that resonates with the flyers, as it’s all about flying, and doing as much of that as possible, so lots of people turn up and bring heaps of model helicopters.

This year was no exception. Six pilot flight positions were allocated along the rather long flight line, plus there was a hovering area only for beginners. At times all these spots were being fully utilised, plus there were pilots and their spotters in line waiting for their turn to fly.

A few of the guys tried their hand at speed runs, mostly from what I could see they used TDR model helicopters. Speeds were in the high 250kph region from what I was told, which is awfully fast. Lots of sky was needed and the sound from the blades at these speeds was unreal. Understandably, flight times were not great for these speed runs as a lot of power is consumed in going this fast.

As usual there were a number of trade tents which has been a feature of all Coffs Helifests, and is much appreciated by the flyers. I was talking to one of the first timers at his trade tent, and he was amazed how much people were buying. Actually he said he wished he had brought more stock! He’ll know better next time!

Quite a few had a go at the night fly, and these intrepid flyers now fly to music with the lights on and their night machines flashing in tune with the music. It looked, and sounded, spectacular and you’re only limited by your imagination and technical ability to sort the electronics et al and judging by the crowd reaction the effort was well worth it. When I get a spare moment to sort out this aspect of flying, I must have a go at this myself one day. All too soon the event was over, but before we all hit the road to go home, there was the usual pilots draw. There were more than enough prizes to go around. Our thanks have to go to the organizers of the Coffs Helifest 2014, and I for one hope to be there again in 2015.

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