LARCS Jet Turbine Day

One of my good mates, Jim Kalokerinos, just happens to be the President of LARCS – Logan Area Radio Control Society. Jim is a pretty good mover and shaker in this club, located half way between Brisbane and the Gold Coast. About a week before this event we were chatting away, when he invited me to attend this event. So with another good mate of mine, Tom Cloutier, we made the 45 minute trek north to LARCS, as opposed to Alaska as the song goes.

The event was more of a fun fly, simply bring a jet turbine model and fly, fly, fly. Jim did the welcome address to all the pilots. The CD for the day was Tony “Mr Reggae” Butcher. Tony laid down the law as to where you could and couldn’t fly, and emphasising that safety was the paramount factor. As an aside, Tony was dressed up to advertise an event he was organising at LARCS, an all electric fun fly in November.

I’ve been a bit of a fan of model jet turbines for quite a while. On display here was the best array of top of the line model jet turbines, including one turbo prop machine, I have ever seen. During the day, I was pleased to see that every pilot wanted to fly their machine to its full potential. At some events, especially scale ones, the modellers are more builders than pilots, and their machines sit on the ground, or are tentatively flown. That was definitely not the case here. I noted a number of pilots who would land their plane, immediately refuel, and take off again. Several did this time after time. It amazed me that the jet engines weren’t overheating. In the air, their model was flown just like its full size counterpart. Several of these jets had smoker systems and they looked great in the air. I really liked the effect the Tucano jet turbine showed when the smoker was engaged at take off. It just looked brilliant.

There was the full spectrum of model jet turbine planes, from trainer non scale aircraft like Boomerangs, right through to fully scale jet models. One thing I did note was that several of the pilots of full scale models would taxi out to the flight line using an external fuel tank. Then, just before flight, they would remove this tank and run off internal fuel, obviously due to limited on board fuel capacity. An interesting innovation I thought.

A number of the jet pilots had made the effort to make their way down from Maryborough. Not a bad effort for just a fun fly. I also came across someone from TAA in Toowoomba and from the Amberley club, so it can be truly said people can from far and wide to attend this event.

Whilst this was a fun fly, 3 awards were on offer. The categories and winners were:-

• Most scale flight: Jan Roestorf, flying a Tucano Turbo Prop
• Most entertaining flight: Chris Dawson flying a Dragon jet
• Pilots Choice flight: Chris Dawson flying a Dragon jet

I can genuinely say a good time was had by all. Finally, a big thank you to Jim Kalokerinos for organising such a fantastic event, plus of course all the LARCS members who helped out as well.

Peter R

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