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Festoon Lights – A MUST HAVE for Courtyards & Beer Gardens This Summer

Setting the stage for an all-night party, a romantic evening, or a relaxing weekend can be done with the help of a simple addition. There is no better time than now to spruce up your outdoor space. Festoon lights are an easy way to add a little bit of ambiance to your courtyard or beer garden. The lights have a sort of simplicity that builds character and warmth. 


Image source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/art-bright-bulbs-close-up-1146562/ 

Festoon lights will add sparkle, making your moments magical. All you have to do is to plug the festoon lights in and you are good to go. There is no need for an electrician. With a bunch of festoon strings, you can create the ideal venue. 

Courtyards Can Become Their Own Enclave with Festoon Lights 

Even if you have the basics in place, such as paving tiles and raised beds with growing plants, there is most definitely something missing. The courtyard lacks interest. It is a beautiful outdoor space, but keep in mind that it is enclosed on all sides. Festoon lights will make you and your guests feel alert and awake. You will not feel as if you are in a prison courtyard. 

Festoon lighting is a hidden and, unfortunately, underestimated tool. If you are trying hard to make your evening rendezvous perfect, the charming festoon lights are the best option. It is a DIY setup, which means that you can install the festoon lighting yourself. 

If you are not already using festoon lights in the courtyard, you are missing out on a lot. Besides the fact that these magical pieces produce a cosy effect on the environment, which could not be better if you are throwing a party or hosting a friendly gathering, festoon lights do not put a strain on the electricity bill.

As long as you do not use old-style incandescent bulbs and opt for LED filament style festoon lights, you have nothing to worry about. Install a touch of charm in your courtyard with festoon lights. They do not require a formal support, so you can hang them from the roof to your fence. 

Creating Instagram-Worthy Beer Gardens 

The quality of the beer is indeed important, but if all you want to do is to simply unwind, the atmosphere matters too. If you are not lucky enough to live next to a brewery or tavern, you can create your very own backyard beer garden. For a stunning beer garden, you need festoon lights. 

Festoon lighting will bring a savoury element and help create a friendly atmosphere. The more lights you hang, the better. You can never have too many festoon lights. If you do not have anything left over from Christmas, go and buy modern lighting. There are plenty of styles to choose from, flush and hanging being the most popular ones. 

Festoon lighting is just as varied as interior lighting. Typically, the lights are made from copper, aluminium, brass, etc. They are meant to last a long, long time, withstanding any kind of weather. Incorporating festoon lights into your plans is a must. No one will be able to resist the soft glow. 

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