Service My Car Subscription Website

Service My Car is a dedicated subscription Car Service websiteto meet all the needs of all car owners. Designed to be user friendly and easy to navigate, car owners can find insurance, batteries, car accessories, a local mechanic, compare life time car servicing cost guide and more.

In an exclusive interview with TegaTech Media, Service My Car confirmed the special offer of 4 free Service Cost Guides when car owners create a new online account with them.

Service My Car are well known for their Service Cost Guides as well as their other two guides. Their Cost Comparison Guide and the Full Service Guide.  You can learn more about these packages here: https://servicemycar.com.au/package

Mark Boyce, founder of Service My Car said this in his interview with Eleven Media, “The offer of 4 free Service Cost Guides when car owners create an online account is only for a limited time and those wishing to take advantage of this offer should act quickly. We are keen to deliver great value to our members and this offer gives new subscribers a great insight into the quality of information & data we offer.”

The website also offers visitors access to several free things even without opening an account, these include:
– get a service cost sample for any car. Access is limited to the 60,000km service. The Service Cost Guide can choose any interval and it also has the task breakdown which the sampler doesn’t have.
– Find a local mechanic on Service My Car’s service centre directory.
– use the Tyre Size tool, helpful if owners don’t know the size(s) for their cars and great for getting the right tyre size before contacting their local mechanic or tyre supplier for new tyre purchase.
– Car recalls and news in one handy place. This information is sourced and referenced from official sites.
– Service My Car’s technical galleryhas diagrams and photos of common car parts such as tyre wear, brakes, engine, wheel alignment etc.

About Service My Car

Service My Caris a dedicated website to meet all the needs of a car owner. Designed to be user friendly and easy to navigate, car owners can find insurance, batteries, car accessories, find a local mechanic, compare life time service costs and more. They can also check a range of data relating to their car or proposed purchase including Service Cost Guides, Cost Comparison Guides or Full Service Guides

Service My Car takes no commission, there is no bidding for service work and no fixed price service or repair work. They are a free way for car owners to find local workshops that can upsell other services offered.

To Learn more about Service My Car and their range of services, visit the website here: https://servicemycar.com.au

Contact Details
Name: Mark Boyce
Organization: Service My Car
Address: 83-89 Renwick St Redfern , Sydney, NSW 2016, Australia
Phone: +61-2-9319-7484
Website: https://servicemycar.com.au