Want Fireworks At Your Wedding?

The Airborne Magazine team went to a very cool wedding recently where there were fireworks, not an argument between guests but pyrotechnics!

So we thought our readers should hear more about this if you want your wedding or special event to go off with a big bang, and who doesn’t like fireworks! You can have your own specially designed real dazzling fireworks display by hiring this wedding and event hire service from Sydney based Celebrate Entertainment. You will be guaranteed the oohs and aaahs from your guests, and a kaleidoscopic display of brilliant colours to light up your big day.

Imagine holding hands with the one you are marrying, surrounded by friends and family, and watching a dazzling display of pyrotechnics. Shooting stars and exploding fireworks creating an exhilarating sense of joy and they can even put the fireworks to music for you.

There are safe indoor fireworks, when you lack access to a suitable outdoor area for the display. There are, also, low-noise fireworks right through to you writing your names in the night sky with fireworks to create a truly signature event while accompanied by your most favourite songs.

Celebrate Entertainment have specially trained pyrotechnical technicians who are experts and consistently produce safe and amazing firework displays. They also hire dry ice machines for that ‘smoke’ effect wafting its way across the dance floor perhaps before the first dance. Wedding guests don’t need to worry about dry ice mist condensing on clothing or irritating airways, as it is comprised solely of solid carbon dioxide and will not set off smoke alarms or cause health issues, but it will cause great excitement and delight.

Contact Celebrate Entertainment today to discuss your requirements and to find out more on what they can do for your big event here: Wedding Fireworks Hire